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The MiraCoil displays the very Principles expressed by Nikola Tesla and Dr. Walter Russell: "The Man Who Tapped The Secrets of The Universe" and Author of "The Universal One" and "A New Concept of the Universe". These principles enable us to produce and radiate very Coherent Energy Fields.

We use this Coherent Electromagnetic Field as one would use a racetrack. Instead of using a car, we are directing Electrons through a Coil which incorporates the clockwise movement of Gravity and the counter-clockwise movement of Radiation. Between these two counter-rotational fields exist the junctions of rest and healing. The healing benefits of Standing waves or Scaler waves are produced.

The atoms that form each cell contain electrons that are in constant motion and therefore radiate electromagnetic waves. These waves are measurable as frequencies, the rate of which vary according to the particular form of matter. It would appear then that all matter exhibits its own natural rate of vibration and that the frequency is dependent on the oscillation rates of the electron charges. Atoms possessing the same frequency rate tend to combine and strengthen each other through the Principle of Resonance.

It is our belief that Cells lose their integrity through various forms of pollution. We further believe that the true and natural vibratory spin has been compromised. We can sweep any frequency (Electrons) through the MiraCoils and the balanced, complete circuit entrains "like" frequencies to move in this new coherent manner. When compromised cells are exposed to these balanced fields their integrity is reestablished and strengthened.

The tests that were performed using 32 probe EEG Mind Mapping Equipment as well as live blood cell analysis indicate cellular stimulation when playing frequencies through the MiraCoil.

We use our custom designed computer programs to recognize energy patterns in the voice, then we reduce these audio frequencies down to the Alpha, Theta, Delta brain frequencies and play them back to the body using our MiraCoil delivery system along with our Light Emitting Diode acupuncture lighting system and sub-woofer speakers.

The combined round, square, triangular, pentagon and hexagon wound MiraCoils produce a new level of synergism. The MiraCoil System is available for $850.00 and includes the combined set of 5 MiraCoils, and our specially balanced coil amplifier. We have also created individual inert noble gas inserts which allow us to stimulate the Aether fields that surround our body. Add $300 for each optional Inert Gas Insert.

Our MiraCoils come with clear Quartz Crystal Tubes so you can place Inert Gas Devices or different materials (flower essences, star elixirs, gems, precious metals etc.) into the core of the coils and have that essence radiated into the body along with your personal tones. Playing your Personal Tone Tape through the MiraCoil system will guarantee greater results. Speaker systems are limited to moving air and creating mechanical pressure on the body while the MiraCoil operates on the electromagnetic frequency level, (the world of cells).


Round MiraCoil Experiencing rhythmic vibrations going up and down the body like a vibratory massage. Like happy cleansing brushes, cleared sore throat caused by smog, stayed focused in energy movement of the body, increased circulation to brain in temporal anterior, affects nervous symptoms of brain. Like the breath of life. Spiraling, spinning, moving, stimulating. High intensity, big difference in throat and lungs, head rocking back and forth, Sighing, wanting to release stress, letting go of deep emotional patterns stored in belly area, deep sighs, Produces REM. Process, process, process, progress!!

Square MiraCoil Bone, jaw, straight as an arrow, very directional. Breathing is easier, deeper, takes less effort, brings clarity to the mind, increased circulation. Removed frontal headache-working on it for two weeks. Increased clarity of sight. Affects both sides of brain like an electron raceway where there is peace in movement, balance. Feeling of being timeless, want to laugh, feel so happy, invincible. Have experienced so much, Feeling of gratitude, an overwhelming feeling of pure being. Total peace and serenity, exhilarating energy, the breath of life. Multidimensional, at first firing between left and right hemisphere of the brain, correcting damage to right side of field to relieve pain. Definitely made a connection across damaged area, energy started to flow unobstructed as a real stable shell protection presence throughout all fields, while still working in the damaged area to continually repair and take care of the problem. Like a homeopathic remedy, generating in taste buds sweetness, saw development in man, the building of the structure, beginning of life, primordial life force.

Triangle MiraCoil The doorway to the Emotional Body. The main action is a spiral direction; the points of the triangle are actually interfacing with points on the electrical grid. I had a flash of what the Star of David Coil would feel like. The double helix to repair and change the genetic codes. I cleared and processed the 6 emotional patterns from 6 lifetimes that I am completing in this one. The actions as it exists is the movement of the attribute of pure consciousness so that you can uphold that. What is not pure consciousness falls away, removed by the spiral action. At the end of the test the spiral reached from below me and above my head as if I was the rod of the coil with the spiral moving within and around me as a core. Life Energy from primal connection to source. Total affect on the heart muscle, breath slows down, eases blood pressure due to the effect on the heart. A major glowing occurs. Major release of stress from my jaw and teeth. Pressure on the forward part of my head eased. I am tired yet with the coil there is no feeling of tiredness. I feel fully present. Major shift in physical. I see the past with no emotion, just events both past and future. Puts me in that alignment where the masters direct the energy to do my healing work. Initially - I felt my body stretching out with each breath, I felt taller as if gravity was being removed on my torso and spine. I began to feel a resonance at the base of the spine in the sacrum and cerebral spinal fluid. Then my thyroid became activated. I felt energy flowing up into my cranium and like a spotlight beam shine upwards out of the top of my head. I began to feel as if I had a crown on my head. There is a shift in my breath which caused the life force to come into my body, not by breath but from energy cells out of the substance of God. - no one source. I felt like I'd had one of the best Osteopathic treatments I've ever had by Dr. Fulford. I felt total cellular stability and recharge. I felt other dimensions of my beingness. It is hard to describe. I still feel the crown on my brow and head. Energy flows out of my hands and feet continuously. There are no blocks anywhere - cohesiveness of the colloidal substance with light and life force being embraced as I breathe on another level from another source - not air or oxygen but sweet feeling, pleasant, exhilarating in a very quiet way. I feel a definite healing has occurred that seems to be continuing. First I experienced sensation pulsing in hands and up arms. Went straight to the crown chakra, then pulsing at heart chakra, memories of childhood triggered and released.

Pentagon and Hexagon MiraCoil!! These new Miracoil shapes represent work in progress.

The combined round, square, triangle, pentagon and hexagon wound MiraCoils produce a new level of synergism. The new set of MiraCoils come with clear quartz crystal tubes so you can place different materials (flower essences, star elixirs, gems, precious metals etc.) into the core of the coils and have that essence radiated into the body along with your personal tones. The MiraCoil System is available for $850.00 and includes the combined set of 5 MiraCoils and a specially balanced coil amplifier.Inert Noble Gases can also be added for Aether stimulation.

































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