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This Dog is owned by Brian of Sit Means Sit.

This is Maddy flying though the air. Maddy is owned by Fred Hassen of Sit Means Sit. She loves to hit the sleve hard. One spectator said if maddy opens her mouth you would just fall in.


This is Rich's dog with Sit means Sit. She is definatly getting some air.


This German Shepherd is Alfredo's of Sit Means Sit. It is very hard for a dog this long to catch this much air.



This Stetson owned by Toni Drugmand of Dog On It. He has only had a couple of lessons in bite work.

As you can see he is very athletic.


Sara Does not have a mean bone in her body. She be very happy to love you up. This is Sara's third lesson in bite work. 


Sara is a natural Retriever.



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