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    I have wanted one of my aunt Gloria's German Shepherd Puppy's since I was about 12 years old. Gloria Birch and Cappy Pottle own Covy Tucker Hill Kennel.   Covy Tucker Hill Kennel is located in Cottoti California north of San Francisco. I have spent a couple of summers in California and touring with Gloria and Cappy. Both Gloria and Cappy  are very dear to me.  Covy Tucker Hill Kennel won Westminster Best in Show Winner, Am/Can CH Covy-Tucker Hill's Manhattan, ROM.

    In September 1997 My wife Genni and I went to see Gloria and Cappy and had hopes to return to Phoenix with a puppy. At the last minute Cappy and Gloria granted us our wish and we returned home with a very small pet quality German Shepherd puppy bitch. Suilean Briagha was to be her name. Suilean Briagha means Beauty eyes in Gaelic.

    Briagha is very good with children. She can get very worked up playing Frisbee and loves to chew the edges off of every one that enters her life. We did not have any of the chewing problems I thought we would have with a puppy. Briagha is very gentle and still has a rubber toy Gloria and Cappy gave her when she was 6 months old and it still looks brand new. We have given her rawhides from time to time and they on the other hand disappear in a matter of minutes.

    Genni and I stared training Briagha for obedience at about eight weeks old. By the time she was 6 months she was getting pretty good.  We decided to go to a highly recommended dog trainer by the name of Tony Drugmand owner of Dog On It. Tony was great at explaining just how to train Briagha. Briagha was not an easy dog to train. Briagha is very head strong and dominant. She was shy of strangers at first. Briagha also had a very strong pray drive and showed signs of dog aggressiveness at 9-12 months but with a lot of work and socializing she has worked through this. She is still cautious of strangers and Genni and I like this trait, we have socialized her very much and she does not show any signs of people aggressiveness. Briagha warms up fast to people and friend that we are around and let her. Briagha is not the kind of dog that will go up to everyone we pass by on the street. This is why Genni and I like this trait.

    On March 27,1999 Briagha entered her first AKC Novice A Obedience trial and won First place. There were 20 dogs and only 5 dogs qualified. Briagha was number 29 and showed in ring 17 and was judged by Mr. Laurence J Libeu (41). Genni and I we very pleased. We were not even sure she would be able to compete because she had gone into her heat about 3 1/2 weeks earlier. Luckily she came out of her heat about 5 days before her match.


    On May 9th, 1999 Briagha entered her second AKC Novice A Obedience trial and won another first Place. Genni and I Traveled to Sierra Vista to stay with my aunt Linda for the night before the show and Briagha kept me up half the night. Genni and I Got to the grounds and Registered only minutes before We had to go into the ring. I thought there were more dogs ahead of us in the ring. There were only 10 dogs in her class.


     On June 12th, 1999 Briagha entered her Third AKC Novice A Obedience trial and won Second Place. For this show Genni and I traveled to Flagstaff Arizona for a two day show.  This Was her third leg and completed her CD Title. Out of 21 dogs only 7 qualified.  This completed her and My Novice A Career. Genni Showed her on Sunday June 13th, 1999 and although she did not get another qualifying score she competed very well and Genni and I were both very pleased with her performance.


    Some day we hope to breed her and keep one of her little boys. I hope he is as much of a joy as she has been.

Genni and I are very happy we were given such a wonderful companion and owe a lot of thanks to Gloria and Cappy.

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