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Easter Eggs

If you want to see pictures of design teams, or if you want to check out a few Easter eggs in your favorite productivity apps like Excel or CorelDraw, look no further: you've found egg-head paradise. For the uninitiated, all three of these little secrets are Easter eggs, those funny, witty, and sometimes obscene and distasteful secret areas of computer games. Out of all the games ever released, we'd be willing to bet every single one of them has eggs in them, even if the game itself was a big fat egg. Some games, in fact, probably have better Easter eggs than they do gameplay...

So with that in mind, the Gamecenter staff went on the hunt for the ultimate Easter egg, hitting up the Internet, working game companies such as Origin and Activision, and playing through our favorite games. Did we find one? How about three dozen of them!


Windows 95

Here's how to create the totally cool Egg:

1. Right-click on desktop, select New Folder, and name it "and now, the moment you've all been waiting for" (w/o Quotes)

2. Right-click on that folder and rename it to: "we proudly present for your viewing pleasure"

3. Right-click on that item again, and rename it to: "The Microsoft Windows 95 Product Team!"

4. And... Drumroll... Open the folder, fire up your speakers, and enjoy!

Microsoft Windows 95 OSR 2 Description: Volcano Open GL Submitted By: Viktor F. (viktor@evt.bme.hu) Date Submitted: Sunday, January 26 1997 at 09:10:37 AM Procedure:

1.Right klick on the desktop and select Properties. Or open Control Panel from the Start buttom/Settings menu and select Display. 2.From the Display Properties, select Screen Saver. 3.Select 3D Text (OpenGL) as your screen saver type. 4.Click on the Settings buttom to configure the screen saver. 5.Change the text that the screen saver will display to "Volcano". 6.Click OK to save the changes. Click the test buttom or wait until the screen saver kicks in the next time. 7.This will display the names of a bunch of volcanos all over the world. 8.This is the same in Windows NT4


Microsoft Office

Excel 95 Start up Excel 95 with a new worksheet, and select the entire 95th row. Tab over to the second column (B), then select Help/About Microsoft Excel. Hold down both the Shift and Ctrl keys and click the Tech Support button. Voilà! A Doom-style minigame (sans violence, of course). Go forward and up the stairs to see some credits, and when you're finished there, turn around and move to the far wall on the opposite side of the room. Stand right in front of the wall and type excelkfa for more coolness.

Excel 97 Note: this egg only works if you have DirectX drivers installed. If not, you'll get a boring animated list of the developers' names. 1. Open a new worksheet and press F5. 2. Type X97:L97 and press Enter. 3. Press Tab. 4. Press Ctrl-Shift and click the ChartWizard button on the toolbar. 5. Use the mouse to fly around--the right button moves you forward; the left button moves you in reverse.

Excel 97 Description: Excel 97 Flight to Credits Submitted By: () Date Submitted: Sunday, January 26 1997 at 11:26:22 AM Procedure:

1.On a new Worksheet, Press F5 2.Type X97:L97 and hit enter 3.Press the tab key 4.Hold Ctrl-Shift 5.Click on the Chart Wizard toolbar button 6.Use mouse to fly around - Right button forward/ Left button reverse

MS Excel 95 Description: Hall of Tortured Soul Submitted By: K.P.Shukla (kpshukla@india.mastech.com) Date Submitted: Monday, February 10 1997 at 12:28:19 AM Procedure:

1.1. Open Excel for Windows 95 with a blank worksheet 2.2. Scroll down to row 95 3.3. Click on the number 95 to select the whole row. 4.4. Press Tab once to move to column B 5.5. Select Help/About 6.6. Hold down Ctrl+Alt+Shift and click on the Tech Support button 7.7. A window labeled Hall of Tortured Souls appears 8.8. Directly ahead of you are stairs with a scrolling cast list -- go 9.9. But there's more ! Go back down the stairs and type "excelkfa" (no 10.10. The wall disappears, and there's a winding path to navigate to see

MS Word 7.0 Description: Developer list in Word 7.0 Submitted By: Raul Heiduk (raul.heiduk@konstanz.netsurf.de) Date Submitted: Sunday, November 17 1996 at 10:07:09 AM Procedure:

1.Open a new Document 2.Type the word "Blue" without quotes. 3.Select word "Blue" 4.Select menu command Format Character... 5.Select Bold an blue colour for selected word 6.Type one space after the word "Blue" 7.Open the about box 8.Click on graphics in about box 9.Watch list run by. Wait till end and see your name as well.

Word 7.0 Description: Spell check opinion Submitted By: Terrence Littel (traveltj@aol.com) Date Submitted: Saturday, March 22 1997 at 04:48:25 AM Procedure:

1.In any document type zzzz 2.Hit the space bar 3.The spell checker will put a wavy red line under the zzzz 4.Place the cursor over the zzzz and right click 5.See how Bill Gates defines zzzz

Microsoft Word 6.0, Mind-Bender macro game Description: Author name and cheat screen. A bit lame, 'cause was found by reading a source. For those who doesn't know what's Mind-Bender - it's memory game written in Word Basic. Located in Macros\winword60.dot Submitted By: Poujlivyi Dmitri (dmitri@btmaa.bel.alcatel.be) Date Submitted: Friday, November 22 1996 at 07:11:40 AM Procedure:

1.On start screen press Cntrl-Alt-Shift and both mouse buttons simultaneously 2.Author name and top score will appear 3.During the game when it's your turn press Cntrl-Alt-Shift and 'J' 'M' 'W' keys simultaneously 4.Cheat screen (all cells will appear for a 12 seconds) together with "Cheaters Never Win And Winners Never Cheat." Message

Product: MS Plus + for Windows 95 Description: Hidden message in animated icon Submitted By: David Wright (wgwright@mnsinc.com) Date Submitted: Tuesday, November 19 1996 at 12:39:49 PM Procedure:

1.Select the Inside Your Computer Theme 2.Start a program or do something else to make the hourglass appear 3.The numbers "101011" scroll across the screen of the cursor 4.The ascii character for 101011 in decimal is "+"



Photoshop 4.0 for win95 Description: Photoshop 4 Official Mascot Submitted By: GJP (nocturne@enteract.com) Date Submitted: Thursday, December 05 1996 at 05:59:15 AM Procedure:

1.Click on Help->About Photoshop..., but press and hold Alt while releasing the mouse button. 2.Or alt-click the "eyecon" atop the floating toolbar. 3.The mascot's creator is listed in the credits...

CorelDraw 4 Description: Neat Game Submitted By: David Taylor (tdavid79@idt.net) Date Submitted: Saturday, December 07 1996 at 11:05:54 AM Procedure:

1.In CorelDraw 4, go to Help/About CorelDraw 4 2.In the upper left hand of the window there should be an 3.icon, double click on the icon 4.Now use the mouse buttons in the game window to cont 5.rol the hot-air balloon and watch as the credits scroll by 6.as well as Elvises dropping the opposite way in 7.parachutes.


Misc Applications

Lotus Organizer 2.x Description: Developer's Names Submitted By: Ian Armstrong (iarmst@ctp.com) Date Submitted: Saturday, November 02 1996 at 04:51:59 PM Procedure:

1.Type the text "Flame" into any wordprocessor(e.g. Notepad) 2.Highlight the text and copy it to the clipboard(CTRL+C) 3.In Organizer 2.x, you will see that the clipboard icon(left of screen) has a picture on it 4.Drag this picture icon to the trashcan. 5.A list of developers will replace the main Organizer book.

Netscape 3.0 Description: Hidden mozilla pictures. Submitted By: Frederik De Bleser (fdb@glo.be) Date Submitted: Tuesday, December 10 1996 at 12:03:39 PM Procedure:

1.Try about:français to get Mozilla on a table drinking wine 2.Try about:deutsch to get Mozilla in lederhosen 3.(Maybe this works with other languages as well...)

Quicken 6 for windows 95 Description: special thanks Submitted By: derek (derektd@smartlink.net) Date Submitted: Sunday, March 23 1997 at 05:30:18 PM Procedure:

1.open quicken 6 2.select help:about 3.type "ps" (no quotes) 4.view the special thanks credits



Rebel Assault II Choose a new character and name him Gary Martinez. Start the game, and you'll see a blooper scene where an admiral starts vamping with Darth Vader. It's really funny!

Rebel Assault II Start Level 12. Kill all of the Stormtroopers on the first three levels. In your fourth (and final) encounter with the Stormtroopers, as soon as you kill the last Stormtrooper, hold down A, C, and T until the elevator doors close and the cut scene appears. Look behind the Imperial Officer and the Stormtrooper to check out a row of dancing Stormtroopers!

Rise of the Triad Boot up Rise of the Triad on December 25 (you can also use the date command in DOS or the Windows clock to set your computer's date to December 25). When you start to play, the game will play Christmas music, and one of the heroes should have a red cap on his head. We've heard that similar things happen on some of the other major holidays...

Quake Enter Episode 4 from the usual starting place. Jump into the pool and turn around 180 degrees. Head for the left corner of the pool, and then drop through the bottom. You'll end up on a wooden beam--follow this around, go through the hallway as if you were heading for the Nightmare gate, and shoot the glowing skulls picture. You will get a supersecret message about the Well of Wishes. Jump to Episode 2 and find the Well of Wishes for a surprise!

Leisure Suit Larry 7: Love for Sail Here are a few LSL Easter eggs that will allow you to see a few, uh, more natural aspects of the game:

In the outer room of the library, click on the stuffed beaver, select Other, and type milk. When you enter the Juggs's dressing room, you will see them doing their hair before the concert, au naturel.

Go back to the lounge after the Juggs's concert. Climb up onstage, then go one screen to the left. Click on the mixer, select Other, and type feel. You will get a set of earplugs, which will prevent you from hearing Drew when she tells you to look her in the eye.

As soon as you enter the ballroom, and before you talk to Jamie, click Larry, select Other, and type dream. You will...

At one point in the game, you'll be looking at Drew when she's covered by only a branch. Click on the branch that's concealing her torso, select Other, and type push. The branch will move out of the way.

Click the orgasmic powder on Drew's drink. Click the drink, select Other, and type drink. When Drew leaves to go to your room, your view will be unobstructed.

Thanks to Cindy Vanous at Sierra On-Line for these cheats! Spycraft When you're at The Farm and in Jeffries's office, if you keep pressing the message button on his phone, you'll hear an interesting James Bond-ish message.

When you're in the Washington, D.C. office, try dialing 976-SUCK.

Warcraft II Press Enter, type disco, and press Enter again. Dig the tunes, baby!

Doom,Doom2,Add ons Description: All weapons no keys Submitted By: unknown (something.com@) Date Submitted: Monday, January 27 1997 at 03:20:15 PM Procedure:

1.While Playing DOOM Type IDFA

Wolfenstein 3D Description: Do while at ID screen Submitted By: Jonathan H. (ray@interaccess.cl) Date Submitted: Friday, January 31 1997 at 12:35:52 PM Procedure:

1.Open Wolfenstein 3D 2.Wait till when you get to the ID screen 3.Then hit b

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