I hope you have a good time.
    I was born in Arizona on 2/7/70 at Scottsdale Memorial Hospital. In high school I had decided to be a photographer. One of the reasons for this is I grew up in pinnacle peak and watched a Harris hawk's nest and photographed the birds as often as I could. I took some great photographs and felt I was talented in this art form. I continued to take many photographs of many different things. I preferred objects like landscaping and nature shots above all other forms of photography. I have shot quite a few weddings and enjoyed this also.
    In 1990 I purchased my first computer to catalog my many photographs and negatives. I created a small database in first choice. My first computer turned out to be a lemon and would crash intermittently and I kept loosing all of my data. After many phone calls to my father and a few upgrades later my crashing problem was no more. In the process I learned much about computers and diagnosing hardware problems and had decided to give it a try as a living occupation.
    I started working in the computer industry in 1991 as a sales person. Soon I was the assistant manager and then the manager of a small computer store. I tried this for a while and then was offered a chance to open a new department at another store. The position was to open up a shipping department at a computer wholesaler. I enjoyed this for a couple of years. Then in 1997 I was given the chance to become a field technician. I have been in the field working on computers now for a number of years and love the challenge and diversity of it. I have stared back to school in 1998 to get certified by Microsoft as a MCSE. I hope to get my certification soon and will continue to keep with it until I do.



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